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Released in 2009. Mixed and mastered by Pasi Kauppinen. Produced by Dice Of Fate and Juha Pernu. All songs written by Jani Ylikangas. Arranged by Dice of Fate. Artwork and photography by Jani Ylikangas, Jouni Laaksonen, Juha Pernu & Ian Neill.


Released in 2010. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator. Produced by Dice Of Fate and Juha Pernu. All songs written by Jani Ylikangas. Arranged by Dice of Fate. Artwork by Bartosz Salamon. Band photo by Juha Sallinen.


Released in 2012. Mixed by Jonas Olsson. Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde. Produced by Dice Of Fate. All songs written by Jani Ylikangas. Arranged by Dice of Fate. Artwork by Jani Ylikangas.


Released in 2013. Mixed by Jonas Olsson. Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde. Produced by Dice Of Fate. All songs written by Jani Ylikangas. Arranged by Dice of Fate. Artwork by Jani Ylikangas.


  1. All My Sins
  1. Challenge
  1. Life Long Plan  POWER TAB  ASCII TAB
  2. Living For The Thrills 
  3. One Way Out 
  4. The Race 
  6. Blossom & Decay  POWER TAB  ASCII TAB
  7. End Of Another Dream 
  8. Without Lilith 
  9. All My Sins 
  10. Love Is Loud  POWER TAB  ASCII TAB
  11. Challenge  POWER TAB  ASCII TAB

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you get fake kicks
from your checklist
don't you
hit and miss
your plan B is exit
you feel important irreplaceable
admiration your mirage
your waterfall
that you drink your energy from
you sniff it

it's in your cards
homemade disasters
can't you see at all
you stay true to form
and prove your worth
life feels so much better when it matters
can't you see your life long plan
slowly burn

take a bow at hoorays
that parade at you
I'm not bitter
I just have this bad boy attitude
you better jump
take your parachutes
one and two
both only for you
there is no consolation price
you sniffed it

anywhere you go
everything must be in your control
but conflicts that came
left you in shame
you did it all on your own

can't you see at all your life long plan is burning


you can tell me anything
but don't talk about sacrifices
all the talk is getting grim
it's all about sacrifices

but I'll wait
until I find a way
and I'll wait
until we fade away

one way love will never do
it's a game I'm bound to lose
living for the thrills
angels hunt love and kill

I know I've messed up many times
so you can stop reminding
here comes another sacrifice
sometimes the truth hurts more than fighting

once our eyes found each other
one glance led to another
there was an overload


with every turn I've taken I have lost my way
forever in the dark
life started to decay

but today I made up my mind
tonight I'm ready for this ride
the ride of my life

only one way out this time
and noone by my side
this is gonna be just another lonely ride for me

I'm the next one in line

things wouldn't be any worse if I had chains holding me
my memories are made of broken dreams

I believe that believing brings pain
the world is rolling out of hands
on a blindman's train

if you only knew me
you would leave my side
hate has made me who I am
and darkness was my guide


there's a race inside my heart
between my feelings light and dark
I need something that's worth the fight
all alone letting go always seems right

I thought I knew my mistakes
but everyday I make the same mistakes
again and again

there's no summer
that isn't followed by a fall
I wasn't ready to see
what it's all about
I wasn't ready at all

there's a rumour going round
he's lost his love and can't be found

he thought he knew his mistakes
but everyday he makes the same mistakes
again and again

he wasn't ready to see
what it's all about
he wasn't ready at all


numbers game
on bottom lines
do you really need more ways
to cut down on lives

you might as well kick them
drown them in the gutter
throw them to the wolves
born from your rules

Mr Greed
I'm what you fear the most
the ones you can't control
keep me holding on

out of sight
laid off minds
do you really need more ways
to consume our rights

if you always turn right you'll find
the problems that you buried far behind
you missed every fight
in the chains of depression


in this dark side of me
I do anything I please
don't you try and follow me
there are things you shouldn't see

I'm afraid to unlock the cage
and face the pain it takes
to break the chains

don't ever break the chains
or you take away my pain
let this blossom & decay

I stay safe from so much grief
a step behind reality


I'm walking
someplace else
nowhere around here

this was the end of another dream
another dream redeemed

don't you know
life ain't fair
this is what you get
for fighting all those years in silent pain
all day long you dream your dreams
and never stop to think
this might be as good as it gets

keep walking
don't look back
there's nothing worth waiting for

you know it's all been lost
but you don't really see it
you still believe


how hard I have tried
to forget that girl
no matter where I go

how hard I have tried
to stay out of her world
no matter where I go

but you
can see it in my eyes
that I'm falling
why don't you realize

my life won't be the same without Lilith
my heart will never find a cure
no matter how I try
no matter how hard I try

how hard I have tried
to escape from her
to be free from this curse

no matter what I do
nothing seems to get me through
through this neverending game she plays


angels have never spoken to me
I'm yet to see the land of the free
I have begged and I have robbed
I have loved and I have lost
it all seemed right at the time

will they ever come for me
I was promised I would be set free
will angels ever come for me

a week of fridays was my forecast
my barcode reads a beast with a past

so how can you tell me
that I should believe in anything
where's the forgiveness
for all my sins


she's got snake eyes
rolling sixes
whatever you need she can fix it
snake eyes rolling sixes tonight

rolling sixes

snake eyes
rolling dice
yeah she can fix it
snake eyes rolling sixes all night

somehow I just have to play
play to loose
she owns the game
dice of fate

but when love gets louder than war
I don't need love anymore

same thing every day and night
two hearts meet
two hearts fight
snake eyes rolling sixes tonight


if it doesn't hurt
it ain't the real thing
scream your lungs out and still
there's some pain to kill

you gave me the reason
you made me hate yesterday
it's only true right now
there's nothing else left to say

let the dice roll
when it's rolling sixes
out of control
young hearts will try to kick themselves

noone knows the rules
it's a "hit and miss" thing
erase and rewind until
you feel you can get your thrill

after the rain
the fallen angels lie on the ground
after the rain
after they failed
the challenge of fate

  1. Loaded Dice
  1. Loaded Dice 
  2. 141 
  3. Generation Of Clones  POWER TAB  ASCII TAB 

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my heart is beating me down
I'm overthinking out loud

once I thought
I'd never fall
but now I know
everyone needs hope
so I'm letting go
forgive me
I'm not myself at all
I'm nothing short of an endless storm

so hide our paradise
cause I can't tell you wrong from right
I lost to loaded dice
so hide our paradise
I never want to lose those times
but I'm so lost inside

my soul is painted in blue
I got some explaining to do


40 angels
79 wings
always one in the crowd
who doesn't fit in

remember when different
used to mean something special
remember when it was
one for all

now the die decides
it's one for one
so bring your loaded die
it's one for one
all around

fallen angels
unverified kills
the whole world in a coma
the pendulum swings

it's always the last time
the trends go towards an overload
industrial panic
the curtains fall

no destination
they just run
noone left a light on
what's done is done

they all just run
they all just run


they borrow your riches for life
a little luxury on your expense
they sell stories when you die
they cry if it's in their convenience

does it really make sense
a hundred pages of ignorance
does it really make any sense


generation of clones
come see the show
you get your fifteen minutes in the row
so come see the show
fifteen for your bones

who gave them the right to have rights?
a trade for the freedom of choice?
tomorrow is payback time
the interest has grown behind all the noise

do they really need more toys
a hundred ways to build and destroy
do they really need all the toys

everyone is advertising
but noone is interested

I don't care at all if your generation is destroyed
I don't care at all

  1. No Flashlights 
  2. Consume To Be Consumed 
  3. One Perfect Line 
  4. Connectdead 
  5. Ride The Carousel 
  6. Circus Comes Down 

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you do nothing
but you do it better than anybody
so good
the world owes you
sunshine love and money

there's a difference
between being twisted
and downright wicked

life feeds you lies
are you getting more than you need to survive
life feeds you lies
but you need lullabies

you're so blessed
you're always the queen of the party
so smooth
and so in tune
with the latest trends and gossip

life feeds you lies
are you getting more than you need to survive
life feeds you lies
but you need lullabies
and no flashlights


consume to be consumed
don't stop for air
you have too much to prove

create a path where there is none
by taking down someone
create a path or
run over everyone

consume to be consumed
there's a price on you
you don't really get to choose

you think you decide
but you only define
what you've been told to need
how can it be so hard to see through it
consume to be consumed

nothing lasts forever
no diamond no dream
but you are free to make believe
you can make believe
overall it makes no difference
if someone plays different
it's not your gratitude they want


terror and madness
they can divide
while we are being blinded
by way too many eyes
and one perfect line

it all goes round and round
it all goes...

we hide from the lights
turn against the tide and see what it takes to survive
life should be a fight
but I can't tell you whose on your side

rumours and sadness
today's highlights
noone is misguided
they find there just fine
in one perfect line

there's just one perfect line


forever and a day
and a night
from the light to the darkest side
it burns in my mind

I won't try
I won't try
don't wanna fight when I got all this time
to be tied to your lines

please keep me connected

as sad as it seems
it's better to be this way
just painting your dreams
for the world to see
you're connected

I've fallen for this game
for this place
I can't get away anymore
it's calling my name

I'll stay
I must play
I must fight and all I got is time
to be tied to your lines

everywhere I go
I'm still alone
here without a shadow
everywhere I go
I'm still alone
here with my own horrors


we thought we could change the world
but we failed
and now in this madhouse of human disgrace
we're better off singing our songs in the rain
better off out in in the rain

let it burn
the world is just insane
just let the circus burn
justice is used to hide rape

noone wants to clean up this place
we just wait
we wait for the vultures to arrive
and hope they keep it down
you're better of singing your songs in the rain

rotten luck or just a bunch of posers
getting what they deserve
rain can wash the ashes but it gives no closure
why there's no alert
why there's no alert
when the circus comes down

  1. Freedom Of Joys 
  2. I'll Let You Drive 
  3. The Rancher 
  4. Day That Meant Nothing 
  5. Ground And Pound 
  6. White Like Angel Wings 
  7. Feel The Beating 
  8. Radio Inactive 

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I was ready for anything
but couldn't see this new thing coming
such a different little sin

hold on
Miss Sinister brings the storm

Cinderella rides too slow
and I can't wait no more

life's such a long long time to waste
freedom of joys
one sip away

oh they say it's a bad thing
history made war all over it
the kind where everybody wins


I'm one of those who always look behind
always avoiding what I haven't tried

a plane might crash
trains are always late
I plan on going later
but i just wait and wait

standing by the roadside
you look ready
you look ready for this
staring at the crossroads of your life

the same old engine
but the gears feel so different
staring at the crossroads of our lives
but this time I'll let you drive

no suitcase or schedules
just gasoline
unreachable and far from the city

I can't look back
there is no yesterday
it's just us in this old car
that takes us anywhere

I bought the tickets and I'm fine
the world is out there
it's time
to drive

always turning right
made me miss the other side


hey Ben Wade
you can't take my life
it's been already taken
twice by my own kind

3:10 to Yuma
what's your life worth to ya
the clock's ticking
and time burns slow
I'm not ready to go home

they wanna hang you
you've been there before
it goes on catch and release
the fear will never sleep

father son and the unholy ghost
finally found what they were looking for


this was a day that meant nothing
one of those days you are glad to see behind you
I hope tomorrow I feel like I used to do
I hope I can scrape off this page

why did you choose
to treat my heart this way
like all the rest you just ran away
and left me with this day
a day
a day
a day that meant nothing

this was a day that meant nothing
like a life with no stories to share
I had so much time I could have repaired myself
but I went and spent it all on you

I don't want to mend what's been ruined
I just need a new beginning

I hope tomorrow I feel like I used to do
I hope I can scrape off this page
just like that


a champion is crowned
for a moment in time
he ends up like everyone
getting beat up by life

it will ground and pound you
ground and pound you
but you must take it with pride

the spotlight keeps moving
it finds a new star
the old champion hangs his gloves
to join life in the dark

a champion is crowned
for a moment in time
he walks back into the ring
cause he has nowhere to hide

it's lonely at the top
with nothing left to prove
you can only fall
once you've fought the best
the years will not look back
their shadows are too tall

rise and fall
you rise and fall


some people knocking on my door
they think they can shape my thoughts

fear corruption and hate
the only things that motivate

the messangers have come to preach
their angel wings need more bleach

the word is out
punctuated with flames
what happened once
keeps coming back again

modern business armament
in euros dollars or yen

make my thoughts pure and white
pure and white
make my thoughts pure and white
white like angel wings


blood running through the veins
rushing through the room
can you hear it boom
here it comes for you

bang bang the door
once again and twice more

bang break the door

you took my words as hate
twisted them
to fit your mood
can you hear them boom
here they come for you

come and feel the beat
feel the beating
you can't resist you are in heat
to feel the beating

is this what you needed


listen to the radio inactive
when you're home alone
when you need to be distracted
when your life feels static
the tracks keep you reactive

listen to the radio inactive
when the street lights die
you're still up waiting for the classics
no weather reports no saddening news
no panic
it's magic

it feels like a breeze
from a july sea
tune in to inactive

right around the break of dawn
that song arrives and then it's gone